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Firstly if you google Derwen Agency you may come across Derwin Publishing.  DERWEN AGENCY is nothing to do with DERWIN PUBLISHING which was a publishing house NOT an agency.  DERWIN PUBLISHING was run by David Porteous specifically to cater for authors in the natural health industry mainly who wished to publish for sale to trade networks. David has now retired hence the withdrawal of the site.

DERWEN AGENCY is a completely separate entity and is a  sister operation to Susan Mears Agency.

DERWEN AGENCY is run by  my highly experienced publishing colleague Julian Robbins.  Julian used to be editor of YOUNG WRITER MAGAZINE and has worked as a freelance publishing editor and author for many years.  He is a  highly knowledgeable and delightful man with an excellent reputation in the publishing world.

Whilst SUSAN MEARS AGENCY exists only for published authors with significant  sales track, Julian and I felt that there was a real need for an agency which encouraged new writing talent and also encouraged self published authors with sales track to find a deal with an established publishing house either in the UK or USA/Europe.  With this in mind we set up DERWEN AGENCY.  All reports are done by either Julian or Natasha Berri or David Palin all of whom are not only experienced in publishing but also in film and tv and the whole book into film or tv arena.

There are no charges whatsoever with Susan Mears Agency however with  Derwen a standard fee of £95-00 is charged for a detailed reader report on your proposal by Julian or another member of the team.  The report is sent direct to the author and will cover details such as suitability for publishing, whether there is a valid market, what the competition is and likelihood of the project finding a deal.  The reason for the charge is to cover the time it takes for Julian or Natasha/David to read the sample material and to write the report.  Should the author decide to proceed to representation by Derwen Agency there is a ONE OFF submission fee of £95-00 to cover the team’s time in writing letters introducing the project to suitable publishers, and for chasing responses to these publishers and making a report to the author on all responses.  The fee also covers phone calls to publishers on behalf of the author.  There are NO other charges.  If the report suggests that editorial help with the proposal is required to get the material to a suitable standard for submission to publishers then the team will recommend editors who are appropriate for and in harmony with the material but the  decision to proceed with editorial help is entirely that of the author.


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